Once you arrive at Cagban jetty port, call or text us.
Then take a trike to the Asya premier suites
crossing on the main road, close to the Euopean
school. We will meet you on the main road (point B),
this is a 1.5Km trip from the jetty port. Or for an extra
P50 get the trike driver to take you up the hill and
park at the rear, blue steel gates of the European
school (point C). If there are cell phone problems
then from point B, walk up the hill for 60 meters to
point C to the rear blue steel gates of Boracay
European School, then take the first left turn. Walk a
further 20 meters and take the first right turn. Our
apartments are white and blue buildings with red
Rose +63 910 710 4509: Ray +63 9083 568872: Tel +63 36 288 1776
A little more information about our location
We live very close to the south end of white
beach; it takes me around fifteen minutes to
walk there or if your feeling lazy then a five-
minute tricycle ride. We are located in an
elevated location around 55 meters above
sea level so there are very few mosquitoes’ to
“bug” you. Our apartments are located in a
quiet secure walled lot and my family and
myself live on the same location. The main
road is located around 100 meters from the
apartments so public transport is very
convenient. The main shopping areas are a 5
to 10 minute tricycle ride from the apartments
with a full range of foods and goods available.

All utilities are charged at cost price and have
there own separate meters apart  from the
cooking gas, that is weighed and billed on
checkout. The average cost based on 2
adults is around P2,000 per month (for
electricity and water). This does NOT include
air-con, that works out at around P8 per hour
of use. Garbage collection fee is P120 per
A Family Run Retreat